Range. - Subtropical America, north regularly to the Gulf States and casually farther.

This Heron is of about the size of the Reddish Egret, but the neck is longer, more slender and dark, while the chin, throat and underparts are white. The plumes from the back are short, reaching barely to the end of the tail. They nest in large colonies in company with Egrets and Little Blue Herons, placing their nests in the mangroves, only a few feet above the water. Their nests are the same as those of the other species, a slight platform of sticks, and the three to five eggs are practically not distinguishable from those of the Snowy or Little Blue Herons. Size 1.75 x 1.35.

Reddish Egret Louisiana Heron

Reddish Egret. Louisiana Heron.

Pale bluish green

Pale bluish green.

199 Louisiana Heron Hydranassa Tricolor Ruficollis 350