Range. - South Atlantic and Gulf coasts, north casually to New England and Manitoba; west to Kansas and Nebraska.

A smaller species than the preceding, length 22 inches, plumage a uniform slaty blue changing to purplish red on the head and neck. They also have a white phase, but always show traces of the slaty blue, especially on the primaries. Young birds are always white. They breed in immense rookeries during April and May. Their nesting habits and eggs are very similar to the last species, although the eggs average a trifle smaller. Size 1.75 x 1.25. Data. - Avery's Island, Louisiana, April 21, 1896. 5 eggs. Nest a flat and frail platform of twigs in a Mimosa tree growing in floating turf, over deep water in a large swamp. Collector, E. A. Mcllhenny.

Pale bluish green

Pale bluish green.

Little Blue Heron Green Heron

Little Blue Heron. Green Heron.