Range. - Temperate and sub-tropical America, breeding north to the British Provinces.

This is the smallest of our Herons, and is well known all over the country. Sometimes they breed in numbers in rookeries, in company with the larger Herons, but in most sections of the country they will be found nesting, one or two pairs together, along the border of some swamp or stream. They have a greater diversity of building sites, than do any of the other Herons and frequently nest a long ways from water. Their nests may be found in alders, birches or even apple trees. It is the usual Heron type of platform, upon which the three to six eggs are laid. They are a pale greenish blue in color, and measure 1.45 x 1.10. Data. - Avery's Island, Louisiana, April 10, 1894. 5 eggs on a platform of twigs placed in a willow tree growing on the edge of a pond. Collected by E. A. Mcllhenny.

Light bluish green

Light bluish green.

201 Green Heron Butorides Virescens Virescens 354Little Blue Heron Green Heron

Little Blue Heron. Green Heron.

201a. Frazar's Green Heron. Butorides Virescens Frazari

A darker variety found in Lower California; nesting the same as the common species.

201b. Anthony's Green Heron. Butorides Virescens Anthonyi

A lighter, desert form found in the arid portions of the interior of southwestern United States and Mexico.



201b Anthony s Green Heron Butorides Virescens Ant 356