Range. - North Pacific Coast, breeding from Vancouver Island. South in winter to southern California.

In the breeding plumage, this bird is brownish black above, barred with rusty and below is marbled with brownish gray and white. Its nesting habits and eggs are very similar to those of the Ancient Murrelet, they placing their single eggs in holes in the ground or crevices among the cliffs. Size 2.20 x 1.40. Data. - Chichagof Is., Alaska, June 18, 1898. Single egg in crevice on face of cliff. Large colony breeding in company with Ancient Murrelets.

23 Marbled Murrelet Brackyrampus Marmoratus 49


23 Marbled Murrelet Brackyrampus Marmoratus 44Least Auklet Ancient Murrelet. Marbled Murrelel

Least Auklet. Ancient Murrelet. Marbled Murrelel.