Range. - North America, breeding from northern United States northward; winters along the Gulf States and to California, and southward.

Another favorite game bird, but one which requires skill to hunt successfully. Of about the same size as the Woodcock (11 inches long). This species, to a great extent frequents the same haunts used by Woodcock, but is especially fond of open marshy meadows, with winding brooks. Their nests are depressions in grassy banks, generally unlined; the three or four eggs have an olive gray color and are strongly marked with blackish brown. Size 1.50 x 1.10. Data. - Lake Winnipegosis, Manitoba, June 10, 1903. Nest in a hollow on a tuft of marsh grass, the four eggs having their points together. Collector, Walter Raine.

American Woodcock Wilson's Snipe

American Woodcock. Wilson's Snipe.

230.1. Greater Snipe. Gallinago Media

A European species, only American as having accidentally occurred at Hudson Bay; similar in appearance to the preceding species.

Olive gray.

Olive gray.

230 1 Greater Snipe Gallinago Media 415