Range. - North America, most abundant in the eastern parts; breeds in the extreme north, and winters from the Gulf States to Northern South America.

This species is commonly known as "Red-breasted Snipe" in late spring and summer because of: the rich, rusty-red coloration of the underparts, and as "Gray-back in winter because of its color at that season. They are very common along the Atlantic coast during the Spring migration; they can be easily identified by their very long bills, which are over two inches in length and nearly one quarter the length of the whole bird. They nest during June, placing their three or four eggs in a slight hollow, which may or may not be lined with dried grass or leaves. The eggs have a greenish or brownish buff color and are boldly marked with dark brown. They do not differ greatly from those of the Snipe. Data. - Mackenzie River, June?7. 1900. Four eggs in a hollow in the grass, lined with dead grass. Collector. Walter Raine.

Grenish buff

Grenish buff.

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