Range. - Rocky Mountain region from central Montana south to New Mexico.

With the exception of the Sage Grouse, this species is the largest of the family, being about 20 inches in length. The general tone of its plumage below is gray; above, blackish gray and the tail blackish with a broad terminal band of light gray. They frequent the wooded and especially the coniferous districts, where they build their nests under fallen trees or at the bases of standing ones. They lay from six to ten eggs of a buffy color, sparsely spotted and blotched with brownish. Size 2.00 x 1.40.

297a. Sooty Grouse. Dendragapus Obscurus Fuliginosus

Range. - Mountain ranges along the Pacific coast from California to British Columbia.

Like the last, this somewhat darker sub-species is met with in timbered regions, where its habits are about the same as those of the Ruffled Grouse, except, of course, that they are not nearly as shy as the Grouse in New England. Their eggs are laid in hollows beside stumps or under logs. The eggs are buff colored, spotted with reddish brown. Size 2.00 x 1.40.

Rich buff

Rich buff.

297a Sooty Grouse Dendragapus Obscurus Fuliginosus 533297a Sooty Grouse Dendragapus Obscurus Fuliginosus 534Sooty Grouse. Spruce Grouse

Sooty Grouse. Spruce Grouse.

297b. Richardson's Grouse. Dendragapus Obscurus Richardsoni

Range. - Northern Rocky Mountains from central Montana to British Columbia.

A dark variety with no terminal band of gray on the tail. Its habits, nesting and eggs are precisely like those of the preceding species.