Range. - Northern United States and southern British Provinces; west to Minnesota.

A dark species, smaller than the last (15 inches long), and easily recognized by its black throat and extensive black patch on the breast. The habits of this species and the two varieties into which it has been sub-divided are the same; as a species, they are very tame, will not fly unless actually obliged to, and frequently allow themselves to be knocked down with sticks. Their nests are hollows in the leaves on the ground, generally under the sheltering branches of a low spreading fir tree. The six to fifteen eggs are a bright buff color, blotched and spotted boldly with various shades of brown. Size 1.70 x 1.25.

Bright buff

Bright buff.

Sooty Grouse. Spruce Grouse

Sooty Grouse. Spruce Grouse.

298b. Alaska Spruce Partridge. Canachites Canadensis Osgoodi

Range. - Alaska.

This variety is practically the same as the preceding, the birds not always being distinguishable; the nest and eggs are the same as the Canada Grouse.

298c. Canada Spruce Partridge. Canachites Canadensis Canace

Range. - Labrador and the Hudson Bay region.

Like the last, this variety is hardly to be distinguished from the Hudsonian. Its nesting habits and eggs are the same.

298c Canada Spruce Partridge Canachites Canadensis 537298c Canada Spruce Partridge Canachites Canadensis 538