Range. - North America from New England, Manitoba and British Columbia, southward.

Now that the Passenger Pigeon has disappeared, this species becomes the only one found in the east, with the exception of the little Ground Dove in the South Atlantic and Gulf States. While, sometimes, small flocks of them nest in a community, they generally nest in companies of two or three pairs. Their nests are generally at a low elevation, in trees, bushes and often upon the ground. Their nests are made entirely of twigs and rootlets, and eggs may be found from early in April until the latter part of September, as they often raise two or three broods a season. The two eggs are white. Size 1.15 x .80. Data. - Refugio Co., Texas, May 3, 1899. Two eggs laid on the ground in a slight cradle of twigs. Collector, James J. Carroll.

Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove.



316 Mourning Dove Zenaidura Macroura Carolinensis 581NEST AND EGGS OF MOURNING DOVE


H. B. Stough.