Range. - Southern United States, north to the Carolinas, Illinois and middle California.

This species can be recognized by its light bluish gray mantle, black shoulders and white tail. It is a very active species, feeding upon insects and reptiles, and small birds and mammals. The nests of these species are placed in trees at quite an elevation from the ground, being made of sticks, weeds and leaves. The eggs are creamy white, profusely blotched and spotted with reddish brown and umber. Size 1.65 x 1.25. Data. - Los Angeles, Cal., April 9, 1896. Nest in fork of willows about 25 feet up. Made of willow twigs and weed stalks, lined with pieces of bark.

Creamy white

Creamy white.

328 White Tailed Kite Elanus Leucurus 605White tailed Kite. Mississippi Kite

White-tailed Kite. Mississippi Kite.