Range. - Southeastern United States, north to South Carolina and Illinois.

Bluish white

Bluish white.

A small species ( length 14 inches) with the head, neck, and undeparts gray, and the back, wings and tail blackish, the tips of the secondaries being grayish. They live almost exclusively upon insects, such as grasshoppers, and small reptiles. They build their nests of sticks and weeds well up in tall trees. The eggs are two or three in number and normally bluish white, unmarked, but occasionally with very faint spots of pale brown. Size 1.65 x 1.25. Data. - Giddings, Texas, May 31, 1887. Nest of sticks and weeds, with green pecan leaves in the lining; placed in the top of a live oak sapling, 20 feet from the ground. Collector, J. A. Singley.

White tailed Kite. Mississippi Kite

White-tailed Kite. Mississippi Kite.