Range. - South America, north to southern Florida and Mexico.

This peculiar species has a long, slender, curved bill, blackish plumage, with white rump and bases of outer tail feather. They feed largely upon snails, both land and water varieties. They nest at a low elevation in bushes or under brush, often over the water. The nests are of sticks, weeds and leaves. The three eggs are light greenish white, spotted and splashed with chestnut brown. Size, 1.70 x 1.30. Nest in a custard apple tree, 6 feet from the ground, built of twigs, lined with small vine stems and willow leaves.

Pale greenish white

Pale greenish white.

Everglade Kite

Everglade Kite.

330 Everglade Kite Rostrhamus Sociabilis 610