Range. - Arctic regions; south in winter to northern United States.

This species is of the size of the last but the plumage is largely gray, barred with dusky. They nest more abundantly in southern Greenland than do the preceding species. The nesting habits and eggs do not differ.

Gray Gyrfalcon White Gyrfalcon

Gray Gyrfalcon. White Gyrfalcon.

354a. Gyrfalcon. Falco Rusticolus Gyrfalco

Range. - Arctic regions; south casually to Long Island.

This sub-species is hardly to be distinguished from the preceding; its nesting habits and eggs are identical, the nests being of sticks, lined with weeds and feathers and placed upon the most inaccessible ledges of cliffs.

354a Gyrfalcon Falco Rusticolus Gyrfalco 663


354a Gyrfalcon Falco Rusticolus Gyrfalco 664

354b. Black Gyrfalcon. Falco Rusticolus Obsoletus

Range. - Labrador; south casually, in winter, to Long Island.

A slightly darker variety. Eggs indistinguishable. Data. - Ungava coast, Labrador, May 25, 1900. Nest a heap of seaweed and feathers on sea cliff, containing three eggs.