Range. - United States west of the Missis sippi, and from Dakota and Washington southward to Mexico.

Reddish buff

Reddish buff.

355 Prairie Falcon Falcon Mexicanus 666

This species abounds in suitable localities, generally placing its nests upon rocky ledges and cliffs, and sometimes trees, generally upon the banks of some stream. The nests are masses of sticks, lined with weeds and grasses. The three or four eggs have a reddish buff ground color, and are thickly sprinkled and blotched with reddish buff brown and chestnut; size 2.05 x1.60.

356a. Duck Hawk. Falco Peregrinus Anatum

Range. - Whole of North America, breeding locally, chiefly in mountainous regions, throughout its range.

This beautiful species, characterized by its black moustache, is the most graceful, fearless, and swiftest of the Falcons, striking down birds of several times its own weight, such as some of the larger Ducks. It breeds quite abundantly on the Pacific coast and in certain localities in the Dakotas, laying its eggs on the rocky ledges. Their eggs are similar to those of the Prairie Falcon, but are darker and brighter, in fact they are the darkest, brightest marked, and most beautiful of Falcon eggs; size 2.05 x 1.55. 219

Duck Hawk

Duck Hawk.

Buff or reddish buff

Buff or reddish buff.

356a Duck Hawk Falco Peregrinus Anatum 669

356b. Peale's Falcon. Falco Peregrinus Pealei

Range. - Pacific coast from northern United States north to Alaska.

A darker form of the preceding, such as occurs in this section with a great many other birds. The nesting habits and the eggs are precisely like those of the Duck Hawk.