Range. - Southern Arizona and New Mexico, south through Mexico.

This bird is very similar to, but averages slightly larger than the Mexican Flycatcher. Its nesting habits are the same and the eggs cannot be distinguished from those of the latter, the nest being most frequently found in giant cacti.

453 Arizona Crested Flycatcher Myiarchus Magister  882

453 - 454

453a. Mexican Crested Flycatcher. Myiarchus Magister Nelsoni

Range. - Mexico, north to southern Texas. This species is similar to the last but is considerably paler. They are common in some localities, nesting in holes in trees or stumps, often those deserted by Woodpeckers. Their eggs are like those of the last but average paler. Data. - Corpus Christi, Texas, May 10, 1899. Nest in hole in telegraph pole; made of red cow hair, feathers and leaves. 4 eggs. Collector, Frank B. Armstrong,

Pale buff

Pale buff.