Range. - United States, west of the Plains and from Oregon to Mexico.

This species has greenish upper parts and yellow below; the crown, wings and tail are black, the bases of the lateral tail feathers and primaries being whitish. They are common in portions of their range, nesting in similar locations to those chosen by the common Goldfinch and laying from three to five eggs which are similar but slightly smaller. Size .60 x .45. Data. - Riverside, California, May 20, 1891. 5 eggs. Nest made of fine grasses lined with cotton; 5 feet from the ground in a small tree.

Bluish white

Bluish white.

530 Arkansas Goldfinch Astragalinus Psaltria Psalt 1059


530a. Green-Backed Goldfinch. Astragalinus Hesperophilus

Range. - Mexico north to the Lower Rio Grande in southern Texas. A similar bird to the last but with the entire upper parts and cheeks, black. The habits, nests and eggs are identical with those of the Arkansas Goldfinch.