Range. - Breeds on the Alaskan coast; winters south to northern California.

A streaked Sparrow like the next but with the yellow superciliary line brighter and more extended. Its nesting habits are precisely like those of the next variety which is common and well known; the eggs are indistinguishable.

Savannah Sparrow

Savannah Sparrow.

Grayish white

Grayish white.

542a. Savannah Sparrow. Passerculus Sandwichensis Savanna

Range. - North America east of the Plains, breeding from the Middle States north to Labrador and the Hudson Bay region. Similar to the last but with the superciliary line paler and the yellow reduced to a spot on the lores. Their nests are hollows in the ground, lined with grasses and generally concealed by tufts of grass or weeds. Their three to five eggs vary greatly in markings from finely and evenly dotted all over to very heavily blotched, the ground color being grayish white. Size .75 x .55

Grayish white

Grayish white.

542b. Western Savannah Sparrow. Passerculus Sandwichensis Alau-Dinus

Range. - Western North America from Alaska to Mexico.

A slightly paler form whose nesting habits and eggs do not differ from those of the last.

542b Western Savannah Sparrow Passerculus Sandwich 1084


542c. Bryant's Sparrow. Passerculus Sandwichensis. Bryanti

Range. - Salt marshes of California from San Francisco Bay south to Mexico.

Slightly darker and brighter than the eastern Savannah Sparrow and with a more slender bill. The eggs are not different from many specimens of savanna; they are light greenish white heavily blotched with various shades of brown and lavender. Size .75 x .55.