Range. - Coast of southern and Lower California.

Similar to the Savannah Sparrow but paler and grayer, without yellow lores and a larger and stouter bill. They are common in salt marshes, often in company with the last species and their nesting habits are similar to and the eggs not distinguished with certainty from those of the latter.

544 Large Billed Sparrow Passerculus Rostratus Ros 1087


544a. San Lucas Sparrow. Passerculus Rostratus Guttatus

Range. - Southern Lower California.

A slightly darker form of the preceding, having identical habits, and probably, eggs.

544c. San Benito Sparrow. Passerculus Rostratus Sanctorum

Range. - Breeds on San Benito Islands; winters in southern Lower California.

The nesting habits and eggs of these very similar subspecies are identical.