Range. - Atlantic coast, breeding from southern New England to Carolina and wintering farther south.

This sharp-tailed Finch is uniform grayish above and light streaked with dusky, below. They are very abundant in the breeding range, where they nest in marshes in company with caudacutus. Their nests are the same as those of that species and the eggs similar but slightly larger. Size .80 x .60. Data. - Smith Island, Va., May 20, 1900. Nest situated in tall grass near shore; made of dried grass and seaweed. Collector, H. W. Bailey.

Seaside Sparrow. Dusky Seaside Sparrow

Seaside Sparrow. Dusky Seaside Sparrow.

All the members of this genus have a habit of fluttering out over the water, and then gliding back to their perch on the grass, on set wings, meanwhile uttering a strange rasping song. The nesting habits and eggs of all the subspecies are precisely like those of this variety, and they all occasionally arch their nests over, leaving an entrance on the side.



550a. Scott's Seaside Sparrow. Passerherbulus Maritimus Peninsulae

Range. - Coasts of Florida and north to South Carolina. Above blackish streaked with brownish gray; below heavily streaked with black.

550b. Texas Seaside Sparrow. Passerherbulus Maritimus Sennetti

Range. - Coast of Texas. Similar to maritimus, but streaked above.

550c. Louisiana Seaside Sparrow. Passerherbulus Maritimus Flsheri

Range. - Gulf coast. This form is similar to peninsula, but darker and more brownish.

550c Louisiana Seaside Sparrow Passerherbulus Mari 1101

550d. Macgillivray's Seaside Sparrow. Passerherbulus Maritimus Macgillivrai

Range. - Coast of South Carolina. Like fisheri but grayer.