Range. - Breeds in marshes along the Atlantic coast from Maine to South Carolina and winters farther south.

These birds are very common in nearly all the salt marshes of the coast, nesting in the marsh grass. I have nearly always found their nests attached to the coarse marsh grass a few inches above water at high tide, and generally under apiece of drifted seaweed. The nests are made of grasses, and the four or five eggs are whitish, thickly specked with reddish brown. Size .75 x .55. The birds are hard to flush and then fly but a few feet and quickly drop into the grass again.



Sharp tailed Sparrow

Sharp-tailed Sparrow.

549 Sharp Tailed Sparrow Passerherbulus Caudacutus 1098

549.1. Nelson's Sparrow. Passerherbulus Nelsoni Nelsoni

Range. - Breeds in the fresh water marshes of the Mississippi valley from Illinois to Manitoba.

This species is similar to the Sharp-tailed Finch but more buffy on the breast and generally without streaks. The nesting habits are the same and the eggs indistinguishable.

549.1a. Acadian Sharp-Tailed Sparrow. Passerherbulus Nelsoni Subvirgatus

Range. - Breeds in the marshes on the coast of New England and New Brunswick; winters south to the South Atlantic States.

This paler variety of Nelson's Sparrow nests like the Sharp-tailed species and the eggs are the same as those of that bird.