Range. - Mississippi Valley from the Plains to Illinois and casually farther east, and from Manitoba to Texas; winters in Mexico.

This handsome Sparrow has the sides of the crown and ear patches chestnut, and the sides of the throat and a spot on the breast, black. They are sweet singers and very welcome birds in their range, where they are quite abundant. Their nests are generally placed on the ground in the midst of or under a clump of weeds or tuft of grass, but sometimes in bushes or even trees; they are made of grasses and weeds and the eggs, which are usually laid in May, are white marked chiefly about the large end with blackish zigzag lines and spots. Size .80 x .60.

Lark Sparrow

Lark Sparrow.

552a. Western Lark Sparrow. Chondestes Grammacus Strigatus

Range. - United States west of the Plains; breeds from British Columbia to Mexico.

This paler and duller colored variety is common on the Pacific coast; its habits and nests and eggs are like those of the last.