Range. - North America east of the Plains, breeding from the Gulf to the interior of Canada and Newfoundland.





CHIPPING SPARROWS (The whole family)

CHIPPING SPARROWS (The whole family).

560 Chipping Sparrow Spizella Pas Serina Passerina 1118


As indicated by their name socialis, Chipping Sparrows are sociable birds not only with others of the bird tribe, but with man. In all localities that are not overrun with English Sparrows, you will find these confiding birds nesting in trees and shrubs in the yard and in vines from porches, while in orchards, nearly every tree has its tenant. They are smaller birds than the last (5.5 in. long) and have the brown crown bordered by blackish and a black line through the eye. Their nests, which may be found at any height from the ground and in any kind of a tree or shrub, are made of fine grass and weed stems, lined with hair; their three to five eggs are a handsome greenish blue, sparingly specked chiefly about the large end with blackish brown and purplish. Size .70 x .52.

560a. Western Chipping Sparrow. Spizella Passerina Arizonae

Range. - Western North America, chiefly west of the Rockies, from Mexico to Alaska; winters in Mexico.

This variety is much duller colored than the last and has but little brown on the back; its nesting habits are the same and the eggs do not appear to differ in any respect from those of the eastern bird.

Bluish white

Bluish white.