Range. - North America east of the Plains, breeding north of the United States to the Arctic coast, east of the Rockies; winters within the United States.

A larger bird but somewhat resembling the common Chipping Sparrow, but browner above, with a black spot on the breast and no black on the head. They are quite hardy birds and winter in many of the northern states where they may be found in flocks upon the snow, feeding on seeds of protruding weeds. They breed very abundantly in Laborador and about Hudson Bay, placing their green nests in hollows on the ground or moss; their three or four eggs are greenish white, abundantly speckled all over the surface with reddish brown. Size .80 x .55. Data-Foothills of Black Mountains, McKenzie River, Arctic America, June 13, 1899. Nest on the ground under a tuft of grass on level plain; made of grasses and moss and lined with feathers.

Tree Sparrow

Tree Sparrow.

559 Tree Sparrow Spizella Monticola Monticola 1117

559a. Western Tree Sparrow. Spizella Monticola Ochracea

Range. - Nort h America west of the Plains, breeding in Alaska and wintering to Mexico. A paler form of the last, the nesting habits and eggs of which are the same.

559a Western Tree Sparrow Spizella Monticola Ochra 1118