Range. - North America east of the Plains' and breeding from the northern tier of states! northward; winters from the Middle States; southward.

To my mind this is the most beautiful of Sparrows, with its bright and softly blended plumage and the pure white throat boldly contrasting with its grayish breast and sides of the head; the lores are adorned with a bright yellow spot. They are one of the most abundant of Sparrows in the east during migrations and their musical piping whistle is heard from hedge and wood. They nest most abundantly north of our borders, laying their three or four eggs in grass lined hollows in the ground, or more rarely in nests in bushes. The eggs are white or bluish white, thickly spotted with several shades of brown. Size .85 x .62. They nest most often in thickets or on the edge of swamps, in just such places as they are met with on their migrations.

White throated Sparrow

White-throated Sparrow.

Greenish white

Greenish white.