Range. - Southern half of California and southward.

These grayish, black and white birds are abundant in sage brush and thickets, nesting on the ground or at low elevations in bushes, and during May or June, laying from three to four eggs of a pale greenish white color, spotted and blotched with reddish brown and purplish. Size .75 x .60.

Bluish white

Bluish white.

574 Bell s Sparrow Amphispiza Belli 1141574 Bell s Sparrow Amphispiza Belli 1142574 Bell s Sparrow Amphispiza Belli 1143

574.1. Sage Sparrow. Amphispiza Nevadensis Neva-Densis

Range. - Sage deserts of the Great Basin from Oregon and Montana, south to Mexico.

This sub-species is abundant throughout its range where it nests near or on the ground, in or under bushes and generally concealed from view. The nests are made of grass and sage bark lined with fine grass; the eggs are like those of the last species, greenish white, spotted and blotched with shades of brown and purplish.

574.1a. Gray Sage Sparrow. Amphispiza Nevadensis Cinerea

Range. - A smaller and paler variety found in Lower California.

The nests and eggs of this pale variety probably do not differ in any respect from those of the better known varie-, ties.