Range. - Local in southern half of California and in Lower California.

A brownish colored species both above and below, which is found on mountains and hillsides in restricted localities. They nest on the ground placing their grass structures in hollows, usually at the foot of a small bush or shrub and well concealed. They lay from three to five pale bluish white eggs. Size .80 x .60.

580a. Scott's Sparrow. Airnophila Ruficeps Scotti

Range. - Western Texas, New Mexico and Arizona south in Mexico.

A paler species, above, than the last, and whitish below. It is quite a common species on the mountain ranges where it nests on the ground, in clumps of' grass or beneath shrubs or overhanging rocks; the nests are made of grasses and weeds scantily put together. The eggs are white, untinted. Size .80 x .60.

580b. Rock Sparrow. Aimophila Ruficeps Eremceca

Range. - Middle and southern Texas and south in Mexico.

This variety frequents rocky mountain sides where it nests abundantly under rocks or at the foot of shrubs, the nests being made of coarse grasses loosely twisted together and lined with finer grass. The birds are shy and skulk off through the underbrush upon the approach of anyone so that the nests are quite difficult to find. The three to five eggs are pure white and of the same size as those of the last.



580c. Laguna Sparrow. Aimophila Ruficeps Sororia

Range. - Mountains of southern Lower California.

The nests and eggs of this very similar variety to ruficeps proper are not likely to differ in any particular from those of that species.

580c Laguna Sparrow Aimophila Ruficeps Sororia 1151