Range. - Mexico and north to Arizona and New Mexico and casually farther to Colorado.

A common species in the valleys and on the side hills, nesting in bushes near the ground, and sometimes on the ground; the nests are made of grasses, weeds and twigs lined with rootlets, and the three or four eggs are greenish blue sparingly spotted or scrawled with blackish brown, the markings being similar to those on many Red-winged Blackbirds' eggs. Size 1.00 x .70.

591a. San Lucas Towhee. Pipilo Fuscus Albigula

Range. - Southern Lower California.

This variety is like the last but is usually paler below. It is abundant in the region about the cape where they nest in thickets, either in the bushes or on the ground. The eggs cannot be distinguished from those of the Canon Towhee.

591b. California Towhee. Pipilo Crissalis Crissalis

Range. - Pacific coast of California.

This variety is similar to the Canon Towhee but is browner, both above and below. They are one of the most common of California birds, frequenting scrubby thickets, both on mountain sides and in valleys and canons, from which their harsh scolding voice always greets intruders. They place their nests in bushes at low elevations from the ground and sometimes on the ground;

Greenish blue

Greenish blue.

591b California Towhee Pipilo Crissalis Crissalis 1174

they are made of twigs, strips of bark, weeds and coarse grasses, lined with fine rootlets. Their three or four eggs are laid in April or May; they are light bluish green marked like the others with purplish or brownish black. Size .95 x .72.

591.1a. Anthony's Towhee. Pipilo Crissalis Senicula

Range. - Southern California and south through Lower California.

A very similar bird to the last but sightly smaller and lighter below. The habits and nesting habits of these birds are in every way identical with those of the California Towhee and the eggs cannot be distinguished from those of that variety. They are fully as abundant in the southern parts of California as the others are in the northern.

Greenish blue

Greenish blue.

591 1a Anthony s Towhee Pipilo Crissalis Senicula 1176

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