Range. - Arizona and New Mexico north to Colorado and Nevada and east to southeastern California.

This bird is wholly brownish gray both above and below shading into reddish brown on the under tail coverts; the face is black. They are abundant in the valleys of Arizona and New Mexico, but unlike the preceding species, they are generally wild and shy. They nest in chaparral thickets along streams, the nests being constructed similarly to those of the California Towhee, and the eggs are not easily distinguishable from those of that species, but they are usually more sparsely specked and the markings more distinct. Size 1.00 x .75.

592 Abert s Towhee Pipilo Aberti 1176

591.1 - 592 - 592.1

592.1. Green-Tailed Towhee. Oreospiza Chlorura

Range. - Western United States, chiefly west of the Rockies from Montana and Washington south to Mexico; wintering in southwestern United States.

This handsome and entirely different plumag-ed species from any of the preceding would, from appearance, be better placed in the group with the White-throated Sparrow than its present position. It has a reddish brown crown, the remainder of the upper parts, wings and tail being greenish yellow; the throat is white, bordered abruptly with gray on the breast and sides of head. These birds place their nests on the ground. The nests are built similarly to those of the eastern Towhee, and the eggs, too, are similar, being whitish, finely dotted and specked with reddish brown, the markings being most numerous around the larger end. Size .85 x .65.

Greenish blue

Greenish blue.

Green tailed Towhee

Green-tailed Towhee.



592 1 Green Tailed Towhee Oreospiza Chlorura 1180