Range. - North America east of the Plains, breeding from the Gulf to Manitoba.

The well known Towhee, Ground Robin or Chewink is a bird commonly met with in eastern United States; it frequents thickets, swamps and open woods where they nest generally upon the ground and sometimes in bushes near the ground. The nests are well made of grasses, lined with fine grasses and rootlets, and the eggs, which are laid in May or June, are pinkish white, generally finely sprinkled but sometimes with bold markings of light reddish brown, with great variations. Size .90 x .70. Towhees are noisy birds and at frequent intervals, while they are scratching among the leaves for their food they will stop and utter their familiar "tow-hee" or "chewink" and then again will mount to the summit of a tree or bush and sing their sweet refrain for a long time.

Purplish white

Purplish white.

Towhee or Chewink

Towhee or Chewink.

587a. White-Eyed Towhee. Pipilo Erythrophthalmus Alleni

Range. - Florida and the Atlantic coast to South Carolina.

This variety is like the preceding except that the eyes are white instead of red. There is no difference between their nesting habits and eggs, except that they much more frequently, and in some localities, almost always, nest in trees.