Range. - United States, west of the Plains, breeding from Mexico north to British Columbia; winters south of the United States. This species is of the size of the last (8 inches long), and is a bright cinnamon brown color with black head, and black and white wings and tail. The habits of this bird are the same as those of the Rosebreasted Grosbeak and its song is very similar but more lengthy. Their nests, like those of the last, are very flimsy structures placed in bushes or trees, usually below twenty feet from the ground; they are open frameworks of twigs, rootlets and weed stalks, through which the eggs can be plainly seen. The eggs are similar to those of the preceding but are usually of a paler color, the markings, therefore showing with greater distinctness. Size 1.00 x .70.

Pale greenish white

Pale greenish white.

596 Black Headed Grosbeak Zamelodia Melanocephala 1193