Range. - Southeastern United States, breeding from the Gulf north to Pennsylvania and Illinois, and casually to New England.

Smaller than the last two species and deep blue, with wings and tail blackish, and the lesser coverts and tips of greater, chestnut. It is a fairly common species in the southerly parts of its range, nesting most frequently in low bushes or vines in thickets; the nest is made of rootlets, weed stalks and grasses and sometimes leaves. The three or four eggs are bluish white, unmarked. Size .85 x .65. Data. - Chatham Co., Ga., June 10, 1898. 3 eggs. Nest of roots, leaves and snake skin, lined with fine rootlets, 3 feet from the ground in a small oak bush.

Blue Grosbeak

Blue Grosbeak.

Bluish white

Bluish white.

597a. Western Blue Grosbeak. Guiraca Caerulea Lazula

Range. - Western United States north to Kansas, Colorado and northern California.

Slightly larger than the last and lighter blue; nests the same and egg not distinctive.