Range. - Interior of the United States, breeding from the Gulf to northern United States, west to the Rockies, east to the Alleghanies.

A sparrow-like Bunting with a yellow breast patch, line over eye and on side of throat; throat black, chin white and wing coverts chestnut. These sleek-coated, harmoniously colored birds are very common in dry bush-grown pastures and on the prairies. They are very persistent singers, and their song, while very simple, is welcome on hot days when other birds are quiet. They nest anywhere, as suits their fancy, on the ground, in clumps of grass, in clover fields, bushes, low trees, or in thistles. The nests are made of weeds, grasses, leaves and rootlets, lined with fine grass, and the three to five eggs are bluish white. Size .80 x .60.

Bluish white

Bluish white.

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