Range. - Central Texas north to Kansas; winters in Mexico.

This peculiar Vireo has a black crown and sides of head, broken by a white eye ring and loral stripe; upper parts greenish, below white. They appear to be fairly common in certain localities of their restricted range, and nest at low elevations in mesquites or oaks, placing the nests in forks the same as other Vireos; they are of the ordinary Vireo architecture, lined with grasses. The three or four eggs are pure white, unmarked. Size .70 x .50. Data. - Comal Co., Texas, May 21, 1888, 4 eggs. Nest located in a scrub Spanish oak, 5 feet from the ground.

Black capped Vireo

Black-capped Vireo.

630 Black Capped Vireo Vireo Atricapil Lus 1272

629a - 632