Range. - Interior of the United States, breeding from Texas to Minnesota and Dakota.

The nesting habits of this smaller species are just the same as those of the larger varieties, they suspending their small grass-woven baskets in the forks of bushes or trees and usually at a low elevation. Their nests are handsome and compact little structures, being often made almost wholly of strips of bark lined with very fine grasses. The eggs are white, specked with reddish brown. Size .70 x .50. Data. - Austin, Texas, June 16, 1898. Nest of strips of bark, fibres and grasses, neatly woven and swung from the fork of a low bush, 2 feet from the ground.



633 Bell s Vireo Vireo Belli Belli 1275633 Bell s Vireo Vireo Belli Belli 1276

633a. Least Vireo. Vireo Belli Pusillus

Range. - Western Mexico, Arizona and southern California.

This Vireo is slightly smaller and grayer than the last; they are quite common in southern Arizona, nesting the same as Bell's at low elevations in bushes or small trees. The eggs cannot be distinguished from those of belli.