Range. - North America, chiefly in the interior, breeding north of the United States except in the Rockies south to Arizona and New Mexico; winters in the Gulf States and southward.

This plainly clad, greenish colored species has a concealed patch of orange brown on the crown. They have been found breeding about Hudson Bay and in the Mackenzie River district, placing their nests in hollows on the ground, usually on the side of banks or hills and concealed by small tufts of grass or bushes. The three or four eggs are white, speckled with reddish brown. Size .64 x .45.

Nashville Warbler Orange crowned Warbler

Nashville Warbler. Orange-crowned Warbler.



646a. Lutescent Warbler. Vermivora Celata Lutescens

Range. - Pacific coast, breeding from California to Alaska; winters in Mexico.

Similar to the last but more yellowish below. They make their nests of leaves, rootlets, moss, etc., lined with hair, and placed on the ground, concealed by tufts of grass or by bushes. The eggs are like those of the last. Data. - Danville, Cal., April 21, 1898. Nest on the ground on a side hill; among weeds in the shade of a large oak.

646a Lutescent Warbler Vermivora Celata Lutescens 1299

646b. Dusky Warbler. Vermivora Celata Sordida

Range. - Santa Barbara Islands, off California. Said to be duller colored and darker than the others. The eggs cannot be distinguished.