Range. - Interior of North America, breeding about Hudson Bay and northward and wintering in the lower Mississippi Valley and the West Indies.

This species is brownish yellow above and yellow on the throat and breast, the crown and streaks on the sides are chestnut. They are found during migrations on or near the ground on the edges of woods or thickets and along roadsides; have a peculiar habit of "teetering" their tail which will readily identify them. They nest on the ground in, or on the edges of swampy places, lining the hollow with grasses and rootlets. In May or June they lay three or four eggs which are creamy white, variously specked with brown and lilac; size .68 x 52.

Dull white

Dull white.

Pine Warblers. Palm Warblers

Pine Warblers. Palm Warblers.

Creamy white

Creamy white.

672a. Yellow Palm Warbler. Dendroica Palmarum Hypochrysea

Range. - Eastern North America, breeding from Nova Scotia, northward.

This is the common Yellow Red-poll Warbler of the eastern states, and is very abundant during migrations. Their habits are the same, if not identical with the interior species. Their nests are also like those of the last, placed on the ground and the eggs are indistinguishable.

672a Yellow Palm Warbler Dendroica Palmarum Hypoch 1362672a Yellow Palm Warbler Dendroica Palmarum Hypoch 1363