Eastern United States, breeding from the Gulf coast north to southern New England and Minnesota.

This strange but handsome species is very common in underbrush and thickets in the south; they are usually shy and endeavor, with success, to keep out of sight, but their strange song and calls, consisting of various whistles and squawks mingled together, are often heard. Their nests are built in bushes or briars at low elevations, being made of grass, strips of bark and leaves, lined with finer grass; their eggs are white, sharply speckled and spotted with various shades of brown and lavender; size .90 x .70.



Rio Grande Yellow throat Yellow breasted Chat

Rio Grande Yellow-throat. Yellow-breasted Chat.

683.1. Long-Tailed Chat. Icteria Virens Longicauda

Range. - United States west of the Plains, breeding from Mexico to British Columbia.

This bird is said to be grayer and to have a slightly longer tail than the last. Its nesting habits and eggs are precisely the same.

683 1 Long Tailed Chat Icteria Virens Longicauda 1391