Range. - Southern New Mexico and Arizona, southward.

This beautiful Redstart is black with a large white patch on the wing coverts, white outer tail feathers, and with the belly and middle of the breast bright red. These active birds, which have all the habits and mannerisms of the common species, nest on the ground in thickets or shrubbery usually near water, and generally conceal their homes under overhanging stones or stumps; the nests are made of fine shreds of bark and grasses, lined with hair; the eggs are white, dotted with reddish brown; size .65 x .48. Data. - Chiricahua Mts., Arizona, May 31, 1900. Nest of fine bark and grass under a small bush on the ground.



Painted Redstart Red faced Warblers

Painted Redstart. Red-faced Warblers.