Range. - Southern Arizona and New Mexico, southward.

This attractive little Warbler is quite common in mountain ranges of the southern Arizona. They nest on the ground on the side hills, concealing the slight structure of grasses and rootlets under overhanging shrubs or stones. Their eggs are specked and blotched with light reddish brown and lavender. Size .64 x .48. Data. - Chiricahua Mts., Arizona, May 31, 1902. Nest in a depression under a tuft of grass growing about 8 feet up on the side of a bank.

Painted Redstart Red faced Warblers

Painted Redstart. Red-faced Warblers.



690 Red Faced Warbler Cardellina Rubrifrons 1406690 Red Faced Warbler Cardellina Rubrifrons 1407