Range. - Found in summer in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands.

South in winter to Japan. This handsome Tern is of the form and size of the Common Tern, but has a darker mantle, and the forehead is white, leaving a black line from the bill to the eye. They nest on islands off the coast of Alaska, sometimes together with the Arctic Tern. The eggs are laid upon the bare ground or moss, and are similar to the Arctic Terns, but average narrower. They are two or three in number and are laid in June and July. Size 1.70 x 1.15. Data. - Stuart Is., Alaska. Three eggs in a slight hollow in the moss.

73 Aleutian Tern Sterna Aleutica 137Arctic Tern. Roseate Tern Aleutian Tern

Arctic Tern. Roseate Tern. Aleutian Tern.