Range-North America, breeding from the northern border of the United States northward, and farther south in mountain ranges; winters in southern United States.

This little bird is of the size of the Golden-crowned Kinglet (4.25 inches long) and has a partially concealed patch of red on the crown, not bordered by black and yellow as is the last species. Their nests are similar in construction to those of the last species and are situated in coniferous trees at any altitude from the ground. Their four to nine eggs are creamy white, finely specked with reddish brown. Size .56 x .44.

Ruby crowned Kinglet

Ruby-crowned Kinglet.



749 Ruby Crowned Kinglet Regulus Calendula Calendu 1508

749a. Sitka Kinglet. Regulas Calendula Grinnelli

Range. - Pacific coast, breeding in Alaska. Said to be brighter than the preceding va riety.

749b. Dusky Kinglet. Regulus Calendula Obscurus

Range. - Guadalupe Island, Lower California.

This species nests during March in the large cypress and pine groves at high elevations above the ground. The nests are similar in construction to those of the common Ruby-crown, and the eggs are scarcely different from some specimens of that species; white, dotted and wreathed with reddish brown. Size .56 x .43.