Range. - North America, breeding from northern United States northward, and south in the Rockies to Mexico, and in the Alleghanies to the Carolinas; winters throughout the United States.

This rugged little fellow appears to be perfectly content in our northern states even during the most severe winters and leaves us early in the spring for his breeding grounds farther north. They are usually found in company with Chickadees and, like them, may be seen hanging to twigs in all sorts of positions as they search for their meagre fare. Their nests are large, round structures of green moss, bark strips and fine rootlets, very thickly lined with soft feathers; these are placed in forks or partially suspended among the branches of spruce trees, usually high above the ground. During June they lay from five to ten eggs of a dull whitish or grayish color, spotted heavily with pale brown and lilac. Size .55 x .42,



748 Golden Crowned Kinglet Regulus Satrapa Satrapa 1504Golden crowned Kinglets

Golden-crowned Kinglets.

748a. Western Golden-Crowned Kinglet. Regulas Satrapa Olivaceus

Range. - Pacific coast from southern California to Alaska.

This variety is said to be brighter colored than the last; its habits and eggs are the same in all particulars.