Range. - Eastern United States, breeding from North Carolina and Kansas north to northern United States; winters south of our borders.

This Thrush with his brightly spotted breast is the most handsome of this group of musical birds. They are common in damp woods and thickets, in which places they breed, placing their nests of straw, leaves and grasses in low trees usually between four and ten feet from the ground; their nests are often very rustic, being ornamented by pieces of paper and twigs with dead leaves attached handing from the sides of the quite bulky structures. During May or June they lay three or four greenish blue eggs of about the shade of a Robin's. Size 1.05 x .70.

Wood Thrush

Wood Thrush.

Greenish blue

Greenish blue.

755 Wood Thrush Hylocichla Mustelina 1517