Range. - Breeds throughout the United States and temperate British America; winters in South America.

These large, lustrous, steely-blue Swallows readily adapt themselves to civilization and, throughout the east, may be found nesting in bird houses, provided by appreciative land owners or tenants; some of these houses are beautiful structures modelled after modern residences and tenanted by twenty or thirty pairs of Martins; others are plain, unpainted soap boxes or the like, but the birds seem to take to one as kindly as the other, making nests in their compartments of weeds, grass, mud, feathers, etc. They also, and most commonly in the west, nest in cavities of trees making nests of any available material. During June or July, they lay from four to six white eggs; size .95 x .65. Data. - Leicester, Mass., June 16, 1903. 5 eggs in Martin house; nest of grasses.

Purple Martin

Purple Martin.



611a. Western Martin. Progne Subis Hesperia

Range. - Pacific coast from Washington south.

The nesting habits, eggs, and birds of this form are identical with those found in the east.

611.1. Cuban Martin. Progne Cryptoleuca

Range. - Cuba and southern Florida (in summer).

Slightly smaller than the Purple Martin and the eggs average a trifle smaller.