Range. - Eastern United States, breeding from the Gulf to New York and Kansas, and casually farther; west to Texas; winters south of our borders.

This bird is of the size of the Scarlet Tanager, but is of a uniform rosy red color, darker on the back. They are very common in the South Atlantic and Gulf States. Their nests are located at low elevations on horizontal branches of trees in open woods, edges of clearings, or along the roadside; the nests are made of strips of bark, weed stems, leaves, etc., and are frail like those of the other Tanagers. Their eggs are light bluish green, speckled and spotted with reddish brown, and not distinguishable with certainty from those of the Scarlet Tanager. Size .92 x .64.

Light bluish green

Light bluish green.

Summer Tanager

Summer Tanager.

610a. Cooper's Tanager. Piranga Rubra Cooperi

Range. - Western United States, breeding from the Mexican border and Texas north to central California and Nevada.

Similar to but slightly larger than the last. There are no differences between the nesting of this form and the last and the eggs are not in any way different.

610a Cooper s Tanager Piranga Rubra Cooperi 1220