Range. - Plains and valleys of western United States, east of the Sierra Ne-vadas, from Montana to Mexico.

This species is abundant in the sage regions of the west, nesting on the ground or at low elevations in sage or other bushes. Their nests are made of twigs, rootlets and bark strips, lined with fine rootlets; the three or four eggs are a handsome greenish blue, brightly spotted with reddish brown and gray. Size .95 x .70. Data. - Salt Lake Co., Utah, May 11, 1900. Nest placed in a sage bush; made of twigs of the same and lined with bark strips. Collector, W. H. Parker, (Crandall collection.)

Sage Thrasher

Sage Thrasher.

Greenish blue

Greenish blue.

Wrens Thrashers Etc Family Troglodytidae 702 Sage  1416