Group I. Dogs Which Are Distinct Varieties From Those Already Described


I. The Blenheim Spaniel.

2. The King Charles Spaniel.

3. The Pug.

4. The Pomeranian.

5. The Poodle.

6. The Maltese Terrier.

J. The Yorkshire Terrier.

This group, with some of those included in the next, are pre-eminently the ladies' dogs, and form the natural class of lap dogs. In outward form they vary much from each other, so that from the naturalist's point of view they occupy positions far asunder. The poodle, pug, and toy spaniels have short round skulls and truncated muzzles, and in these respects the others included in the group are just the opposite, and it is only their holding the same relative position to man as the toys and pets of the canine race that justifies their being grouped together.