Medicines which act on the secretion of urine are called diuretics. They are either employed when the kidneys are sluggish, to restore the proper quantity, or to increase it beyond the natural standard, when it is desired to lower the system.

Diuretic bolus:

40. - Nitre, 5 to 8 grains Digitalis, 1/2 grain. Ginger, 2 or 3 grains.

Mix with linseed meal and water, and give all or part, according to the size of the dog.

Diuretic and alterative bolus:

41. - Iodide of potassium, 2 to 4 grains. Nitre, 3 to 6 grains. Digitalis, i grain. Extract of camomile, 5 grains. Mix, and give all or part.