Dogs fed on strongly stimulating food, are very apt to lose their teeth by decay, and also to suffer from a spongy state of the gums attended with a collection of tartar about the roots of the teeth. Decayed teeth are better extracted, but the tartar, when it produces inflammation, may be removed by instruments. By carefully scraping the teeth there is little or no difficulty in removing it if the dog's head is held steadily. If the animal be highly prized, he should be taken to a veterinary surgeon for the operation. Afterwards brush the teeth occasionally with a lotion composed of 1 part of a solution of chlorinated soda, 1 part of tincture of myrrh, and 6 parts of water. When puppies are shedding their milk teeth, frequent soreness in the mouth prevents them from eating. In such cases the old teeth are better removed with a pair of forceps.

Blain is a watery swelling beneath the tongue, showing itself in several large vesicles containing straw-colored lymph, sometimes stained with blood. The treatment consists in lancing them, after which, the lotion, given above, may be effectually applied to the sores.