Within the last twenty years this dog has been largely imported from Germany and France into England, in addition to those bred in that country; but, nevertheless, he has not become so general a favorite as was expected, owing in some measure to the fashion of the day tending towards the fox terrier and colley, and also to the temper of the Spitz, which is too short and snappish to make him fit to be trusted with children. It is true that the colley has the same disposition, but not quite to the same extent; and, being a better traveller with horses and carriages, he is more suited to act as a companion in country rides and drives than his more delicate rival.


Fig. 21 - A SPITZ DOG.

In his native country, the Pomeranian dog is employed as a sheep-dog, for which he is fitted by his peculiarly woolly coat and ample frill, rendering him to a great degree proof against wet and cold. Like the colley, he is impatient of control in playing tricks, and, indeed, can seldom be taught to display them even for a time, his intelligence not being of a very high order - at all events, if the attempt is made in any direction but that of his peculiar calling, for which, as far as known, he has never been employed anywhere else. But he is always cheerful in the house, generally free from smell either of coat or breath, and readily taught to be cleanly in all his habits. He has not the fondness for game generally exhibited by the colley, and on that account is more suited to be a ladies' pet, nor is he so pugnacious as that dog, being as a rule inclined to run away rather than fight, when the choice lies between those alternatives. From these peculiarities it may be gathered that he is quite up to the average in his fitness to fill the position of companion.

The specimen selected for illustration is only of average perfection in the shape of body and head, but his coat is highly characteristic of the true breed. He took the first prize at the late Islington Show of the Kennel Club. This variety of dog has become very popular as a house dog in America, but of late has fallen into some disrepute on account of his snappish disposition.